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“Music in the dark” started as part of my exhibition 'Impressions' in April 2013. I wanted to enable people to experience the sound in all its beauty without any distractions and I wanted to set the scene for inspiration to emerge. Playing in the dark, feeling the sound in and around me and using improvisation as a means, I could immerse myself totally into the music.

The venue had most of the characteristics needed for the success of such an experiment: very good acoustics, an intimate space and an absence of windows that allowed me to play in the dark. Although it was a short performance of 30 minutes, it became the highlight of the whole event. “We want more of this!” “We want you to play for longer!” are examples of some of the feedback I received from my audience on that evening. I was both surprised and encouraged as the exhibition was primarily concentrated around my visual art!

Following the suggestions and the feedback from my new followers, I decided to take up the challenge and organise a further live performance. In the following month, I formed a duo with my former student, Xochitl. Together, we have finalised the concept of the show which is now a mix of evocative and upbeat tunes, some played with the light focused on the guitar, with others played in the dark. We alternate from solo to duo, building up to a climax as the performance progresses.

This has been a wonderful journey for Xochitl, me and our closest followers. Each show is different and refreshing due to its unique elements - the silence, the music, the dark, the improvisation...

Let the journey continue!