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15-05-2019: Our new line-up!



2-12-2018: Our new album Beyond is officially on sale on Bandcamp:


1-06-2018: Our new band!


10-06-2017: Welcome to Awis from Kenya in the Music in the Dark family 😊


20-08-2016: Our next performance will be on the 1st of October at Gnome House,
                    Waltamstow, London. Now open for booking


12-04-2016: The official trailer for Music in the Dark - 2016 !!


12-03-2016: The first show of Music in the Dark featuring JP & Sheetal will be on
                   the 22d of April in London! Now open for booking

                   Music in the Dark

27-02-2016: A new video clip - Tres featuring Amal!


12-02-2016: First shows of Music in the Dark in 2016 featuring JP & Sheetal will be
                   on 22, 23, 24 April at Blackhorse Lane Studios - London!


23-01-2016: Welcome to Sheetal!
                   Music in the Dark is back with JP & Sheetal as a duo!


4-05-2015: Much more than a performance...
                Music in the Dark at Brighton 8, 9, 10 May

                        Music in the Dark

2-05-2015: After the sold out show at Blackhorse Lane Studios, we look forward
                to playing at Brighton Fringe next weekend and to give an even better


17-04-2015: Ready for something different?
                  The first show of Music in the Dark featurig JP & Leonardo is this
                  evening at Blackhorse Lane Studios!
                  A few places still available


8-03-2015: The first show of Music in the Dark featuring JP & Leonardo will be on
                 the 17th of April in London! Now open for booking

31-01-2015 - Our first performance of the year will be on Saturday the 7th of
                   February at Brew for Two in Hackney-London - 101 Morning Lane,
                   E9 6PG, starting at 8pm.

31-01-2015 - This is our new official image for 2015.

Music in the Dark

21-09-2014 - We will start touring again in April 2015!

07-09-2014 - Leonardo from Mexico is set to replace Xochitl.

01-09-2014 - Xochitl is studying now in the States. It was a great experience to
                   perform with her!

25-07-2014 - Last performance in 2014 with Xochitl.